BLOG: One Body
Praying together with other Christians and even with members of other faiths has become so common over the past half century, it’s easy to forget earlier practice. more
Synods are ecclesial gatherings, intense moments of reflection on the Word of God symbolized by the presence of the Book of the Gospels enthroned in the midst of the assembly. more
The great damage inflicted among Indigenous Peoples by the colonizing projects in North America/Turtle Island, including the far too frequent complicity of the churches with them, is something that can hardly be overstated. more
No Synodality Without Ecumenism | One Body
Nicholas Jesson
October 5, 2023
It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and the square was filled with potted plants and trees as part of September’s Season of Creation observances. more
“Next Gen” Ecumenism | One Body
Julien Hammond
September 14, 2023
The recently concluded World Youth Day in Portugal (August 1-6, 2023) included a number of ecumenical and interreligious experiences, opportunities, and lessons that garnered praise and criticism in Catholic and non-Catholic circles alike. more
The Canadian Council of Churches at 80 | One Body
Sr. Donna Geernaert, SC
August 24, 2023
In 2024, The Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding. more