BLOG: One Body
As we approach the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, what lessons about how to live our faith can we as Catholics learn from the Churches of the East? more
Listening with the heart | One Body
Julien Hammond
November 30, 2021
How good are we at listening with our hearts? Do we hear how God may be speaking to us through people outside our own church and beyond? more
In addition to celebration, this anniversary is an invitation to reflect on the past and to consider what may be learned for the future. more
A primer on synodality | One Body
Nicholas Jesson
September 29, 2021
In October, the Catholic Church will begin a two-year synod on synodality that involves the entire world. But what is synodality? more
Living relationships are changing relationships. So it’s not surprising to see a new approach to Anglican–Roman Catholic dialogue after some 55 years. more
What part of the ecumenical garden, or what role within the ecumenical garden, might the Lord be calling you to tend this summer? more