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A Filet-o-Fish billboard? I couldn’t help but notice that this Lent there was a bit of a ad blitz for McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich. Coincidence? Or a marketing strategy aimed at Christians who may be turning to their aquatic friends during the penitential season. It’s interesting to note that the sandwich was first introduced for Lent ...read more
The 40 Days for Life campaign currently underway began in College Station, Texas in 2007.  It was organized as a 24 hour vigil that would last for 40 days.  Since that first event, the event has spread over the past four years to include 247 cities around the world this year.  Participants embrace the three ...read more
On Ash Wednesday, March 9, the Church begins her great Lenten journey with Jesus on the road to Jerusalem. Lent invites us to turn from our own selves, from our sin, to come together in community. Self-denial is the way we express our repentance. Self-denial is threefold, advises Matthew’s Gospel. We pray: “Go to your ...read more