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S+L BLOG: Rosary

Join us in prayer for the intentions entrusted to us by Pope Francis. For March 2016, we join the Holy Father in praying for: Respect for Women – That in every country of the world, women may be honored.  Holy Rosary – That families, communities and groups may pray the Holy Rosary for evangelization and peace.  Daily Offering ...read more
This is one of the 20,000 boxes that were handed out at St. Peter’s square on Sunday during the Angelus. Pope Francis held up a box just like this one and told the crowd he wasn’t a pharmacist, but he could confidently say the contents of this little box are good for spiritual health. The ...read more
A Reflection on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – October 7, 2013 The Word of God has power to touch the lives of ordinary people through solid piety, authentic devotion and attentiveness to the living Word.  The Word of God deals with the living communities of faith who have handed down the ...read more
Tonight on Perspectives: We take a look at the annual Marian procession through the Vatican gardens. Sunday is the big day for our Across the Divide Launch! We bring you the final installment of our behind the scenes videos. Finally, here’s our list of upcoming events across the country. ...read more
The rosary is a powerful prayer, and once you start praying you realize the effects it has on your life. But what is the rosary? It is necessary for us Catholics pray it? So the rosary is a form of prayer, and to understand it and to know more about it, Pedro invited Fr. James Phalan ...read more
Grown up in Portugal I always was told that our lady asked the three little shepherds in Fatima to say the rosary every day but some times we know that this just is not enough! And as I grew up, I learned how much the rosary has an effect and how much it helps on ...read more