BLOG: youth
It gives me much joy to see all of you! Thank you for having made the pilgrimage to be here! more
I thank Bishop Ornelas for his greeting, and I thank all of you for your presence and your prayer. more
Today you will walk with Jesus. Jesus is the Way and we will walk with him, because he himself undertook the journey. more
I thank the Parish Priest for his words, and greet all of you, especially the friends of the Centro Paroquial da Serafina of the Casa Famiglia Ajuda de Berço and the Associazione Acreditar. more
Welcome and thank you for being here. I am pleased to see all of you, and also to hear the delightful noise you are making! more
Thank you, Madame Rector, for your kind words. You said that all of us feel like “pilgrims.” That is a beautiful word, and one well worth reflecting on. more