“It’s Lent and I still don’t know what to give up!”

Jenna Murphy

February 19, 2010
I’m seeing more than a few Facebook statuses that indicate many of my friends and family members are still undecided on how they will enter into the spirit of the Lent. If you fall into this category, or even if you are looking to be inspired on how to bolster your existing Lenten regimen, tune in tonight, February 19th, at 7pm ET for the weekly 30-minute edition of Perspectives as we focus on the Lenten practice of almsgiving.
APerspectives02192010lmsgiving, prayer and fasting are the three traditional pillars practiced throughout the Catholic observance of Lent. With prayer and fasting, our attention is drawn inward as we seek to awaken our faith and to strengthen our will. In almsgiving, however, our faith is put into action as we are called out of ourselves to serve the “least of our brothers” in a spirit of true humility and modesty, “without letting the right knowing what the left hand is doing”.
In his most recent encyclical, Caritas In Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI writes:
Love — caritas — is an extraordinary force which leads people to opt for courageous and generous engagement in the field of justice and peace. It is a force that has its origin in God, Eternal Love and Absolute Truth.
On Perspectives this evening, host Pedro Guevara-Mann will be speaking with Luke Stocking of Development and Peace (D&P) and Br. John Frampton from St Francis Table, “a restaurant for the poor” in Toronto.
Luke and Br. John will both present us with their own insights on what it means to practice “Charity in Truth”, as they will be draw upon their own vocations as stewards of justice and charity.
Luke will be telling us about this year’s D&P’s ShareLent campaign, See Your Gift Grow, which aims to "help communities achieve food sovereignty in the face of increasing threats to their food sources."
"During this new Share Lent campaign we want to raise awareness that thousands of people are living in the midst of a food crisis and don’t have enough to eat. By sharing at this time, it is an opportunity to make a real difference," according to D&P Executive Director, Michael Casey.
If you want to maintain a local focus this Lent, there are plenty of opportunities to “put your hand to the plow” in your own city. Small charities like Toronto’s St. Francis Table rely heavily on volunteers not only to provide the resources but also to help carry out the actual works of charity.
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