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Holy Land: This Place Isn’t Going to the Dogs

Matthew Harrison

November 8, 2008
After arriving from the airport we spent the next few hours touring around Tel Aviv.  It’s the economic hub of Israel, and nearly two of Israel’s seven million inhabitants call it home. 
From what I understand ‘Tel’ means ‘city of ruins’ or ruins and ‘Aviv’ means spring.  It’s a city built on ruins – sprung out of ruins you could say.  The name, bringing together the old and the new, describes the city perfectly – that became evident as we made way through the streets.  The city combines the old and the new – a magnificent coastline, an incredible Artist’s Quarter in the renovated Old City, cafes and restaurants, modern housing, all exist together. 
img_1111.jpgWinding through the cobblestone of the Artist’s Quarter I was taken aback by the number of… not pilgrims… not holy sites… but cats!  
Everywhere I turned there was a cat, friendly but not intrusive.  Appreciative of petting, but not demanding. It’s actually quite charming, and adds a certain warmth to the old areas.