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Perspectives Daily - Vatican Releases Working Document for Synod on Family

Stefan Slovak

June 26, 2014
This morning the Holy See Press Office released the Instrumentum Laboris or working instrument for this fall’s Extraordinary Synod of Bishop on the Family. The document, which was introduced at a press conference in Rome this morning, is a summary of the responses to a questionnaire that was sent out to the whole the Church last year. His Eminence Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, general secretary of the synod of bishops, said that extraordinary synod "will thoroughly examine and analyze the information, testimonies and recommendations received" from around the world in response to a questionnaire sent out in November. The Cardinal also noted that there would be approximately 190 voting members at the extraordinary synod, along with a number of other fraternal delegates including representatives of other Christian denominations as well as experts appointed by Pope Francis. The purpose of the meeting in October will be to finalize the working document for the 2015 world Synod of Bishops. The theme for that meeting was announced as "Jesus Christ reveals the mystery and vocation of the family." It will be comprised of 250 voting members largely elected by bishops from around the world, whose recommendations will be forwarded to Pope Francis.
For more information on the Instrumentum Laboris or to read the full text of the document, please visit Vatican’s website at vatican.va
Tomorrow evening, the Archdiocese of Ottawa will ordain yet another priest. His Grace Archbishop Terrence Prendergast will ordain Deacon Matthew Chojna to the priesthood at Ottawa’s Notre Dame Cathedral. Born in Poland, Deacon Chojna moved to Canada with his family in 1990. He said “It is my hope and goal that those who I minister to may come to know that Jesus loves them personally and calls them into a relationship with Him, and I hope to help them develop a burning desire to know the fullness of their own faith.” Deacon Chojna’s ordination is open to the public and will take place tomorrow evening at 7:30pm on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. For more information, please visit archottawa.ca
With Quebec’s national assembly recently passing legislation legalizing physician-assisted suicide in the province, the Church has spoken out vocally against the new law. To try and better help people understand the issue from a Catholic Perspective, our Salt and Light Blog is set to feature a series of posts that examine the topic. Among them, a five-part blog series by Deacon Pedro entitled “Respecting End of Life.” To read part one of Deacon Pedro’s blog, please visit saltandlighttv.org/blog