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Perspectives Daily - After the March For Life. Whats Next

Noel Ocol

February 8, 2017
Today on Perspectives Daily, Pope Francis encourages the faithful to strive to be living signs of hope for the entire human family. Speaking during the weekly General Audience in the Paul 6th Hall, the Pope continued his catechesis on Christian hope, conceding that especially in times of darkness and difficulty, hope is no easy virtue.
And you can watch the Pope’s address in its entirety tomorrow tonight at 7:05pm eastern right after Perspectives Daily, here on S+L TV but in the mean time, have a look at some of the high lights
It’s now been over a week and a half since the largest pro-life rally in the US. So what happens now?  CNS talk to some of the Pro-life pilgrims to discuss how they will work for this cause beyond the big March for Life event.
Here in Canada, the big pro-life march for life is just over 3 months away will take place on May 11th on Parliament Hill. We will bring you details on this event as they become available.