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Be Careful of Church Men Who do Not Want to Soil Their Hands Says Pope - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

June 20, 2017
Earlier today, Pope Francis made a pilgrimage to the north of Italy to honor two 20th-century parish priests whose commitment to the poor, challenged many of the faithful to, "step outside their comfort zones".
Flying to Bozzolo in the region of Lombardy, the pope prayed at the tomb of Fr. Primo Mazzolari, a priest who opposed the Mussolini regime and emphasized the importance of the poor.  The Pope stood in silent prayer before the tomb and then delivered a tribute to the priest whom he described as “Italy's parish priest.”
The Pope then traveled to Barbiano near Florence to pay tribute to Fr. Lorenzo Milani, a wealthy convert, who founded a parish school to educate the poor.  The pope said he wished to pray at this tomb, “in order to pay homage to the memory of a priest who witnessed how, through Christ, one can discover our brothers and sisters in their moment of need, and serve them”. During this trip, the Pope warned against men of the Church who “do not want to soil their hands” and who only “observe the world through a window”.
With the 2017 Catholic Press Association’s Media Conference and Signis World Conference in full swing in Quebec City, Sebastian Gomes caught up with Fr. John Mi of Radio Veritas Asia in the Philippines, and spoke to him about why he came to the conference and what he plans to take back.
Over the next few days, I will bring you more interviews from the event so stay tuned. Now if you’d like more, we do have some of the sessions from the conference, on our website listed here.
Finally, I leave you with some highlights from one main plenary session at the conference entitled: "Building Peace & Hope in a World of Cultural and Religious Diversity". Our very own Fr.Tom Rosica engages in a round table discussion exploring how creative communication can contribute to building peace by bringing people from different cultures, traditions and faiths together.
That's it for today. Im Noel Ocol.