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Lessons Learned From Covering Major Church Events - Perspectives Daily

June 21, 2017
Being a saint does not require spending long hours in prayer, but rather living life open to God in good times and in bad. This was the message from Pope Francis today at his weekly general audience where he continued his catechesis reflecting on the Saints as witnesses and companions of hope.
Here now is the summary.
To continue on our S+L coverage from Quebec City this week, the Catholic Press Association of North America today, began their annual conference which, for this one day overlaps with the SIGNIS World Congress.
The main event of the conference has been the screening of Martin Scorsese's new film about the 16th century Jesuit missionaries in Japan, called Silence. Scorsese was present for a discussion with the participants earlier in the day.
Also, Salt and Light’s own Sebastian Gomes was on a panel discussing Catholic journalism, where he presented 5 lessons that he learned from covering major church events, including the 2013 conclave that elected Pope Francis.
And that's it for today. I'm Noel Ocol.