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Reform in Rome is Like Cleaning an Egyptian Sphinx With a Toothbrush - Perspectives Daily

Noel Ocol

December 21, 2017
Today marks the last episode of Perspectives Daily for the year. We'll return with a new season starting on January 3rd 2018.
"The people who work at the Vatican and in the Roman Curia are supposed to be sensitive antennas, that faithfully transmit the desires of the Pope. Remembering that the Curia exists exclusively for the service of the Gospel, the Pope, and the Church, is the only way to counter the imbalanced and degenerate logic of conspiracies that, despite all their justifications and good intentions, represent a cancer."  That was the message that the Pope gave to the top officials of the Roman Curia today.
Holding his annual pre-Christmas meeting with the Roman Curia and Vatican City State, the Pope said he wants the Curia to focus its relationship with the world outside the Vatican walls. His reflections, he said, are based on his personal vision of reform for the Curia that he’s tried to share; a process of change that began early in his pontificate, and one continues today.
"The focus of the Curia," the Pope said, "must be on service and not on self-preservation or maintaining areas of influence and power. But the process itself, brings to mind", he said, "a 19th-century saying that says, 'carrying out reform in Rome' is like cleaning an Egyptian Sphinx with a toothbrush."
Since his election in 2013, the Pope has made many significant organizational changes to the structure of the Curia with the consolidation of dicastery offices and the creation of new secretariats. In fact he’s putting into practice the proposals that were made at the pre-conclave meetings of the cardinals who elected him.
Now looking forward into 2018, it seems that the Pope is planning his upcoming year with a distinct focus on migrants and refugees, a series of foreign trips, more Curia reforms, and a Synod of Bishops dedicated to young people.
Newly 81, the Pope will begin the year with a focus on Mary and on Migrants and Refugees. Jan. 1, the feast of Mary, Mother of God, the Church will begin the new year praying for peace.  The Pope's focus on the plight of the migrants and refugees will come become his focus again on Jan. 14 when he adds to the  liturgical calendar, a special Mass for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees.
On Jan. 15, Pope Francis will set off for a six-day apostolic visit to Chile and Peru. Currently however, no other papal trips for 2018 have been officially confirmed, though Vatican officials have said they are almost certain that the Pope will travel to Dublin in August for the World Meeting of Families. He may be also be the first Pope to visit Northern Ireland on that same trip, however, nothing has been confirmed just yet.
The month of October is a write-off for the Pope, as The Synod of Bishops focusing on young people and their vocations, will be held at the Vatican during this month.
We will be covering all of these event on Sal + Light TV, so stay tuned throughout the new year as I keep you updated with details once they become available.
Here in Canada, the President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Bishop Lionel Gendron, has released his Christmas and New Year greetings for all Canadians.
We come now to an interesting Christmas story to end todays show.  A Washington couple has spent the past 40 years traveling the world collecting over 500 nativity scenes for their private collection. This collection is now being shared for all to enjoy this season, at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington. Have a look.
That is all that we have time for today. Join us again in January, when we begin a new season of Perspectives Daily with the latest news and stories through the Perspectives of a Catholic lens. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from all of us here at Salt+Light TV!