Most of the topics are basic issues of the Faith: Sacraments, articles of Canon Law, issues of moral law, or Vatican proceedings. We can also Deacon-struct religious organizations or events - there are no limits to deacon-structing. As long as it needs explaining, it can be deacon-structed. Every once in a while, Deacon-structing may be a special in order to spend half an hour talking to someone about their life, experiences or insights, but for the most part, Deacon-structing is about topics or issues, rather than about people.

Join Deacon Pedro as he takes a particular topic apart, not so much to explore or explain the subject to its fullness, but rather to provide insights that will deepen our understanding of the subject. And don’t worry, at the end of the day he always put the pieces back together. There are no limits to deacon-structing. Let’s grow in our faith together here on Salt + Light!