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Why should we care for the Environment?

Producer and host Deacon Pedro Guevara-Mann joins Sr. Damien Marie Savino, FSE, as they try to find the answer within God’s revelation as found in his creation and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Creation shows that dealing with environmental issues by focusing on political, economic, or ideological solutions alone is noble, but lacking. Instead, what the Catholic Church has said over the centuries about the sacredness of all creation can lead us to real answers to today’s environmental challenges – answers grounded in the truth of creation as good, full of dignity, and deserving of our care.

Creation takes us all over North America to meet people with stories that highlight Catholic environmental principles. Our stories draw attention to many issues – waste management, urban and local farming, water shortages, contamination and waste water treatment– and offer the answers that many of you are seeking with regards to our concerns about the environment.

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Comments from our viewers:

... I have just finished viewing the 6 episodes on the Creation series.  I want to congratulate you and your team for this wonderful work. What I really appreciated about each episode is that there were no "shaming" comments about how folks are not taking are of the environment.  Instead in each situation solutions were presented. Transformation was achieved and shared in a way that will give others creative ideas about what they may do in their own environment. I loved especially the episode on Respect.  While I was watching it I thought about the confirmation candidates in our parish,(St Pat's in Sudbury) as well as the "service hours" that our high school students have to perform.  I have sent an email to the two ladies in our parish who do children's sacramental preparation asking for a time to share this.  I have an image of perhaps having a vegetable box in our parish parking lot, which the students would help tend, and then donate part of the produce, or maybe all of it, to the food bank. We will see how it is received...

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