Planned giving is sometimes referred to as gift planning or legacy giving. A planned gift is any major gift, made during a donor’s lifetime or at death as part of their overall financial and/or estate planning. When working with your qualified financial advisor, planned giving lets you decide the best way to give while maximizing the tax benefit to you and your family.

A planned gift is a reflection of our life, our loves and our deepest values.

Your gift of faith, hope and love empowers Salt + Light Media to strengthen our Catholic community through modern media. Your gift will bring people closer to Christ and enrich the lives of future generations of faith-filled Catholics.

The most valuable legacy we can pass to our children, grandchildren, and those we love is a spiritual legacy – the legacy of faith in Christ. When we consistently show them the value and relevancy of faith in Christ, we create an atmosphere where faith can thrive.


A charitable bequest is a gift specified in your Will. You can designate a certain sum of money, a particular asset or a portion of your estate. A bequest in your Will lets you decide the best way to support Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation while maximizing the tax benefits for your estate and for your family without affecting your current income.

Your legacy gift will help ensure Salt + Light Media’s sustainability to continue our mission of Catholic evangelization through the media.

Below please find sample wording for your consideration:

Residual Bequest:

Donating all or a portion of what is left in your estate after your debts, taxes, expenses and specified bequests have been paid.

“I give and bequeath to Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation (88523 6000 RR0001), 250 Davisville Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1H2, all (or ___%) of the residue of my estate.”

Specific Bequest:

Donating a specific dollar amount or item such as real estate, life insurance, gift of securities, RRSPs, etc.

“I give and bequeath to Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation(88523 6000 RR0001), 250 Davisville Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1H2, the sum of $______.”


Gift of Securities
You will benefit from receiving a charitable receipt for the full market value of your eligible securities and mutual funds when you transfer them to Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. Donations of publicly traded securities are not subject to capital gains tax. To donate securities or to obtain our Letter of Authorization from Donor to Broker, contact Kristen Carey at 416-971-5353, ext. 2223, 1-888-302-7181 or [email protected].
Gift of Life Insurance
Life insurance is purchased to protect loved ones from economic loss in the event of the premature death of the insured. Thankfully, few of us use it for the intended purpose, and life insurance can be used as an effective immediate or estate planning tool. For immediate tax savings, a policy owner can transfer an existing or new paid up policy and receive a tax receipt for the value of the policy.

You can also name Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation as the primary beneficiary of all or a portion of a new or existing life insurance policy. This deferred gift to support our media mission provides no immediate tax benefits, but a donation receipt will be issued for any death proceeds received, which will offset the final tax obligations on your estate.
You can donate real estate, shares in privately-held corporations, royalty interests, works of art, jewellery or other property to Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation during your lifetime or as part of a legacy gift. The donation receipt will show the current fair market value of the property contributed, which will be determined by one or more qualified, reputable appraiser(s) for gifts of $1,000 or more.
Gift of RRSP, RRIF or TFSA
You can designate Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation as a beneficiary of your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) or Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA).* Naturally, if you are survived by a spouse or adult children, you will want to provide for your loved ones. However, if you are a single individual/surviving spouse without dependants or you have provided for your loved ones in other ways, designating Salt and Light as a beneficiary of all or a percentage of your RRSP, RIFF or TFSA allows you to make a significant legacy gift to our media ministry without compromising your current financial needs.

*For Donors in the Province of Quebec, please consult your tax professional as the guidelines for designating this type of deferred gift differ from the rest of Canada.


Establishing a legacy or planned gift can be a complex process. We can help you and your advisor ensure your gift to Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation is appropriate for your circumstances. Please contact Antoniette Palumbo at 416-971-5353, ext. 2227; 1-888-302-7181 or [email protected] to discuss your gift.

To achieve your gift-giving and financial goals, Salt + Light Media recommends that you seek a qualified professional advisor to guide you in making a charitable gift to our mission. Thank you for your support.