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About SLRadio

Our Mission
To offer round-the-clock Catholic music with a little bit of the best of S+L news, interviews and reflections.

Our Vision
To provide a space where people can listen to Catholic music, devotionals and inspiring messages of hope with not a lot of talking or advertising. We strive to support the Catholic music community by providing them with a platform where their music can be shared and their ministry can be promoted.

Our Values
Salt + Light Radio is an extension of the S+L media ministry, dedicated to being and helping others become the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Using the power and popularity radio, internet and music, the fruits of our work represent a powerful response to Pope John Paul II’s call to embrace culture to share the Gospel message and teachings of the Church. We are determined to bring light to our world through music and other audio resources. We strive to bring people together in prayer and devotion, celebration and entertainment with content that is always rooted in our Catholic faith.

Our ministry would not be possible without the support of Catholic artists. See who supports Salt + Light Radio.