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How to listen to SLRadio

Salt + Light now runs four online radio stations.

  • SLRadio1: Contemporary Music
  • SLRadio2: Easy-Listening Music
  • SLRadio3: World Music
  • SLRadio4: Children’s Music
  • SLRadio5: Christmas Music

All you need is an internet connection and a computer, a Roku box or mobile device and you can listen to any of these. There are a few different options to suit your needs:

1- SLRadio playlists can be listened to by simply visiting this website and clicking on the radio station of your choice on the SLRadio player on the top of the screen.  Simply select the playlist you’d like to listen to.

2-All four SLRadio stations are available through our Salt + Light Roku Channel. Learn how you can add S+L to your Roku.

3-SLRadio1 (Contemporary Music) is also available through the Salt + Light App. Just go to the iTunes store, follow the instructions to download the app, select the SLRadio button and you’re ready to listen to great and inspiring music all day long.

4-Tunein: All four SLRadio stations are available online through TuneIn or on your mobile device with the TuneIn App:


5-You can also take all four SLRadio playlists with you wherever you have online access by downloading one of the following player plug-ins (this may sound more complicated, but once you’ve done it, it’s actually one of the simpler ways to listen to SLRadio):




This is the most versatile and popular player. Click on playlist link or copy into your Internet browser. This will open a window asking you to open the file with your player of choice:

Choose the player and the SLRadio stream will be saved on your playlist as a “track” that you can return to everyday and simply play. Works with most players, including iTunes, Real Player and VLC Player.

Windows Media Player:

Paste link into your Windows Media Player “open URL” box (go to file and select “open URL”). It will open as a media file. You can then return to Windows Media player and “open URL”. The link will be saved there.

Real Player:

Click on link or copy URL into your Internet browser and it will open a download window (as if you were downloading a file) and the file will open with the player that you chose. You can save it as a media file on your desktop, so you can easily go back to it everyday without having to download anything again.


Click on the link and save it on your desktop. Right click on the file and choose “play with quicktime”. It will open as a track that you can return to everyday.

For Blackberry/iPhone (works on most smart phones) users:
On your device, go to and click on the Radio station of your choice on the SLRadio player that you want to listen to. Once the window opens add it to your home screen. (On Blackberry, tap on the bottom of the screen and click on the three dots on the bottom right corner to open the screen options menu. Select “Add to Home Screen”.) This will add the SLRadio player to your home screen. You can then return to it every day by simply selecting the icon off your home screen.