Episcopal Ordination of Most Rev. Scott McCaig,
Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada
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On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, Salt and Light Television will broadcast live the Episcopal Ordination of Rev. Scott McCaig, CC, as Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of Canada from the Cathedral Basilica of Notre Dame in Ottawa, Ontario. His Holiness Pope Francis appointed Bishop-elect McCaig as Military Ordinary of Canada on Friday, April 8th, 2016, succeeding the Most Rev. Donald J. Thériault who had served in that role since 1998.

At the time of his appointment, Bishop-elect McCaig was General Superior of the Companions of the Cross, a Society of Apostolic Life founded in 1985 by Rev. Robert Bedard, CC, to contribute to the ongoing renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization. With foundations in Ottawa, Toronto, Halifax, Houston, and Detroit, the Companions of the Cross currently comprises 40 ordained priests and 20 seminarians, including Bishop-elect McCaig and Bishop Christian Riesbeck, Auxiliary Bishop of Ottawa.

A native of Kamloops, British Columbia, Bishop-elect McCaig was born on December 12, 1965 and entered into full communion with the Catholic Church in 1987. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in history from Carleton University, Ottawa, and joined the Companions of the Cross in 1989. Previously, he had been involved in youth ministry and served with NET Youth Ministries. He received a Master’s degree in Divinity from St. Augustine’s Seminary and the University of Toronto. Ordained to the priesthood in June 1995, he was elected General Superior of the Companions of the Cross in 2006 and was re-elected in 2012 for a second term.

The Military Ordinariate of Canada extends not only from coast to coast, but also across the globe, wherever the Canadian Armed Forces are deployed. According to the 2016 Directory of the CCCB, the diocese includes 23 parishes and missions, with a population of 13,400 Catholics, served by 41 diocesan priests, one priest who is a member of a religious