Synod of Bishops 2014

From Oct. 5-19, all eyes will be on Rome as the Synod of Bishops convene and address Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization. It is a preparatory session bringing together presidents of national bishops’ conferences, heads of Eastern Catholic Churches, and Vatican officials ahead of a larger Synod of Bishops to take place in 2015.

The additional participants include a dozen or more voting members named by the pope, three priests chosen by an umbrella group of men’s religious orders, a dozen or more expert advisers, about a dozen representatives of other Christian churches, and up to 30 observers – more than half comprised of married couples who will be encouraged to address the assembly.

This synod will address issues pertaining to marriage, family, and sexual morality – including those that are controversial both within and outside the Church – the themes are those that the majority of Catholics deal with every day in the real world.

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