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S+L BLOG: Noel Ocol

Happy Easter to all of you and thank you for joining us today. Holy Week and Easter was a very busy time for the Pope who had a jammed packed schedule. During that time, there was some beautiful moments with powerful messages. Lets have a look now, at some of the major highlights of Easter weekend ...read more
  In March 2016, the Salt + Light team went to the Holy Land on pilgrimage to bring you reflections from the biblical places where Jesus lived. You can watch the entire videos from the Holy Land Trip here. The following text below is from my reflection about the empty tomb of Christ, that was ...read more
The Triduum liturgies for Holy week has officially started today as Pope Francis on presided over the Chrism Mass in Rome this morning. In his homily, the Pope spoke about the Joy of the Gospel. He explored 3 icons of THE good news: the stone water jars at the wedding of Cana, the jug that ...read more
We begin in Rome today where the Pope addressed the pilgrims at his weekly General Audience. Continuing his catechesis on Christian hope the Pope told the pilgrims that our Christian hope is grounded in God’s eternal love” Here’s the summary For Holy Thursday this year, Pope Francis will celebrate Mass at a prison for ex-mafia ...read more
We begin in Rome today where the Pope celebrated Palm Sunday Mass yesterday in St. Peter’s square. Tens of thousands of people carrying palms and olive branches joined the pope during a solemn procession in St. Peter’s Square for the beginning of Holy Week. The Pope blessed the palm branches, in the center of the ...read more
Catholic Priests are in hiding for their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo ...read more
Pope Francis receives a royal visit from a very royal guest and you'll never guess what that royal guest saw in the secret archives of the Vatican! ...read more
The Holy See Press Office has just released the programme for the Pope’s upcoming Apostolic Journey to Egypt at the end of the month. On Friday April 28th, the Pope will arrive at Cairo International Airport around 2:00pm where he will be welcomed at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis before making a courtesy visit to ...read more
We begin today, with an Easter message from the President of the CCCB, Bishop Douglas Crosby, Bishop of Hamilton. In his Easter address to Canadians, Bishop Crosby brings the message of hope for those on the peripheries of society, for governments, for the Church and for everyone striving to lead a holy life. Here’s a quick preview ...read more