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Holy Land: Not all that Foreign

November 9, 2008
telaviv-dragons.jpgIn Canada we have the Esso Tiger.
Here they have Delek Dragon. 
Same idea, different species.  Or is that genus? I was never good with my classification systems. 
Regardless, if one imagines Israel as some kind of country stuck in ancient times – think again.  There is plenty of growth in the cities – old areas being rebuilt or redeveloped, and the old and the new intertwine nicely (this was particularly evident in Tel Aviv). 
As for the most surprising sight ‘brand’ wise? Certainly not the McDonalds or Burger Kings.  I expected that!  It was on our way from Tel Aviv to Nazareth when we past the Ikea.
A close second: walking along Tel Aviv’s waterfront Friday evening, and noticing on the big screen TV at a bar across the street the game was on. Soccer game?  No, hockey game! 
I’m liking this place more and more!

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