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Novalis: Breaking new ground

December 21, 2011
I love books. I love going to bookstores and agonizing over which book I'll read first, what I will re-read next, and (perhaps a little dejectedly) thinking about all the books I haven't read yet. Somewhere amidst all my nuttiness, I also manage to convince myself that if I could just sleep a few hours a night like some of the geniuses of recent history I could read so much more! But then, weariness takes hold and quickly I abandon my delusions and head straight for bed.
For me, books are an invitation to imagine, to dream, to be inspired. Once the cover has been flipped and I've dived into its pages, new horizons quickly unfold. What a wonderful opportunity: to be evangelized, to investigate the great mysteries, to experience the beauty and truth of the faith. Still, in the midst of this gift exchange between author and reader -- there's a silent partner. What about the people who find the authors, edit and ultimately get these works to the bookshelf? What's their story?
Novalis is Canada's largest religious publishing house, from its humble beginnings during the Great Depression they've been helping generations of Catholics to deepen their faith -- to break new ground inside their hearts and minds.  They've been serving  Catholics "...who wish to enlarge their knowledge, to cultivate their reason, to get insight into the relation of truth to truth" to quote Cardinal Newman. Tonight join me for our Catholic Focus to find out about the people and the story behind Novalis, as they celebrate their first 75 years. That's tonight at 7:00 ET, 8:00 PT after Perspectives Daily. 
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