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Guelph faithful reunite with Cardinal at hometown parish

March 23, 2012
To much fanfare throughout Canada, the Archbishop of Toronto was recently made a Cardinal by Benedict XVI. Last night, Cardinal Thomas Collins returned to where it all began: his hometown parish in Guelph, Ontario, where he had been baptized. The faithful filled the Church of Our Lady Immaculate for a celebration of Evening Prayer. He was accompanied by the Bishop of Hamilton, Most Rev. Douglas Crosby, along with Emeritus Bishop Anthony Tonnos and Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki. The mayor of Guelph, Karen Farbridge, was also in attendance. Following Vespers, a line-up of well-wishers stretched to the back of the church to personally greet the new Cardinal.
The liturgy, broadcast live in partnership with the Diocese of Hamilton, is now streaming above. The homily begins at the 20:45 mark.

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