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The SLHOUR premiers on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network

October 6, 2012
In January 2009, we began using the above image as Salt + Light made a move to radio. Thanks to the invitation of The Catholic Channel on satellite radio, Salt + Light began producing S+L Radio, a weekly one-hour long radio show, featuring interviews, music, news updates, and event listings. This year, as we launched our 24/7 online, Christian  Music Station, SLRadio, we re-branded the program as The Salt + Light Hour.
We're happy to announce that this weekend we'll have to update the banner once again,  because, The SLHour will begin airing on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network, which operates four FM radio stations covering the State of Nebraska and parts of Iowa and South Dakota.
If you've never listened to the SLHour, we encourage you to do so. Every week, I, your host, Deacon Pedro, bring you the best of Salt + Light: Inspiring messages, insightful interviews, interesting commentary and music; plus news updates with Kris Dmytrenko, Saint of the Week with Andrew Santos and diocesan updates from Canada and abroad with Cheridan Eygelaar. We also have recurring features: What I Learned from My Kids, with Gillian Kantor, Windows to the Soul (movie reviews) with Sr. Marie-Paul Curley, What's Good in Hollywood, with our Hollywood Undercover Missionary, Mark Matthews and Media Ministry Minutes with our very own Public Relations expert, Daniel Torchia. It is truly an excellent program and definitely one of the highlights of my work at S+L.
Here's how you can tune-in:
Listen on SLRadio
Tues, Thurs and Sun, 6am ET (11am GMT)
Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat, 10pm ET (7pm PT)
Sat and Sun, 3pm ET (noon PT, 8pm GMT)
Listen on The Catholic Channel Sirius XM 129
Sat, 3pm ET (12noon PT); 10ET (7pm PT)
Sun, 2-3pm ET (11am-12pm PT)
Listen on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network (Nebraska and parts of Iowa and South Dakota)
Spirit 102.7 FM in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska
Spirit 91.5 FM in central Nebraska
Spirit 88.3 FM in northeast Nebraska and
Spirit 90.1 FM in North Platte, Nebraska
Sat, 10am and 9pm
Subscribe on iTunes,
podcast right here.
Thank you for your continued support as we continue to expand our ministry and help in the work of the new evangelization to the digital continent.
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