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Benedict: A Pope to remember

March 1, 2013
What a historic moment we are living in the Church! Pope Benedict officially left his office last Thursday and so we start thinking about his legacy.
Eight years, 24 travels outside of Italy, three encyclicals, five synods;  it is incredible how much this pontificate gave to us. Some say that his real legacy will be his words: That every speech of Benedict was like a glass of fresh water to quench our thirst and our need to be close to God.
It's true that Benedict was a teacher who happened to be pope. But he taught us not only with words but also with actions. He accepted the ministry of Peter when he was already 78 years old and he stood at the helm of the boat weathering many storms. Above all, he was humble enough to recognize and accept that the time to step aside had come.
In this Weekly Edition of Perspectives we look at Benedict as Pope.  Deacon Pedro asks what the Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI is. His guests are Oriana Bertucci, Director of Campus Ministry at Ryerson University and Bishop William McGrattan, Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto. Tune in to listen to their perspectives on the papacy of Benedict XVI. And be sure to share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.

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