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Are pilgrimages necessary to encounter God?

April 5, 2013
Are pilgrimages necessary? That's the question we're asking this week on Perspectives: The Weekly Edition. Deacon Pedro speaks with two alumni of the Camino de Santiago walking pilgrimage, Gillian Kantor and Kris Dmytrenko. They discuss whether we need sacrifice, time for reflection, and being taken out of our comfort zone in order to encounter God.
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Some of you shared your thoughts with us:
Helen Cameron: "No. God can find us just as easily in the ordinary, everyday experiences of our lives, if we but listen and keep our eyes open. Besides, God loves to surprise us, and what better place than in our kitchens, at our desks, and out for a walk, to name but a few places of possible encounter with the Divine?"
Cathy Kelly: "Where can I watch this? Will it be archived on your website? And if so, when? This would be really helpful for me to hear about right now, as I'm trying to discern whether to go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Thanks!"
Paul G Samuel: "We feel His presence all the time, but we spent a day at the Mount of Olives and Sea of Galilee a couple of years ago - despite the crowds of people - there was a peace where ever we went - and dipping my foot in the Sea was extra special."
Gillian Russell Meisner: "To encounter God no, but in my experience, it's these kind of experiences and time away from the everyday that really helps me to change on a deep level..."
Toni Etchart: "I would say that if a pilgrimage reminds you to spend time with Him then go for it! You have to make an intentional effort to spend time together. How do you have a relationship with someone you barely know?"
Edward Martin: "Even Jesus went up the mountain to pray."
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