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Getting to know: St. Sebastian, martyr and soldier for Christ

June 22, 2013
PATRONO Sa_o Sebastiao
Next in our series of blogs reviewing the patron saints and intercessors for this year's World Youth Day, we take a look at:
St. Sebastian
Although nothing can be certain about the history of St. Sebastian, it is said that he was an officer in the imperial guard, known for the good works that he did in secret. Once it was discovered that he was a Christian however, he was brought before the Emperor Diocletion and handed over to the Mauritanian archers to be shot to death. His body was pierced with arrows and he was left for dead. But he was found alive by those who came to bury him. He recovered and when the opportunity presented, he accosted the emperor denouncing him for his cruelty to Christians. Again, he was sentenced to death, beaten to death with clubs. Saint Sebastian's life demonstrates his courage and love for Jesus Christ. He valued fidelity to Christ higher than any worldly honour. Let's pray that we can demonstrate the same love and fidelity in our time of trial.
Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers and athletes. His feast day is 20 January.
Saint Sebastian soldier and martyr of the Faith, pray for us!
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