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The Church Alive: walking hand-in-hand with humanity

September 8, 2014
At a crucial moment in the history of the church and of the world, humanity stands at a crossroads.  We are more technologically and economically advanced than ever before, yet global development and the distribution of resources remains a struggle.  In recent history we have witnessed the ravages of war between nations and peoples, yet hatred and violence continue to plague our relationships daily.
What is the Christian's role amidst the messiness of the world?  What does the church have to say to us at this moment?  She says what she has always said, that "Christ is the goal of human history, the focal point of the desires of history, the joy of all hearts, and the fulfillment of all aspirations." (Gaudium et Spes, 45)
Salt and Light's new series The Church Alive is concerned about one thing: starting the conversation about how faith in Jesus draws us ever closer to the world, demanding participation and action on behalf of truth and justice so that, "the kingdom of God may come and the salvation of the human race may be accomplished." (Gaudium et Spes, 45)
In this excerpt from an interview with Drew Christiansen, SJ (former Editor of America magazine and visiting scholar at Boston College), we look at the development of the Catholic social teachings, particularly the principle of nonviolence and its continuing relevance in the world today.

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