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Struggling against a secular world

February 1, 2007
Given the outcome of what happened at Carleton U. with the Student Association and the Pro-life group (watch Catholic Focus, CAMPUS FREE SPEECH), it's easy to get disheartened with the secular direction the world is taking. It's amazing to know that not long ago, the debate was whether to grant pro-abortion groups status on campus. Now it's the pro-life groups who need to fight for their survival. It's the same issue as the challenges with advertising the life message (Catholic Focus, ADVERTISING LIFE). It's as if we are under attack on all sides.
Recently, Catholic musician Nick Alexander put together an imix of prolife songs for download on itunes. For the first two days, the comments were fairly positive. Then on day three, the comments turned nasty. Sadly, because I am convinced that the pro-abortion camp is the minority. But they are the loud minority. The squeaky wheel that gets the grease. We, are the silent majority. Maybe we need to be louder.
But then, something happens that reminds me that God is much bigger than all that. I am reminded that God can make something new out of everything and that to think that with God on our side, we are fighting a losing battle, is not really believing in our God.
Last night, on my way home, on the radio I heard the song, "Make Me an Instrument of Peace". Yes. Exactly that - the words of St. Francis. But what is remarkable about this is that it was on a secular radio station. I am still trying to find out who the artist was. I think I am still a bit taken aback that a secular radio station (it was either 97.3 or 98.1) was playing a song that is clearly the words of a Catholic Saint. I was so inspired. Which leads me to ask: What's the deal with Josh Groban? Is his song, "You Raise Me Up" not a song about God? I wasn't sure, but after his new song, "You Are Loved", I am almost sure that he is talking about God - and it's very much a Christian message. And he gets play on secular radio.
Pretty cool. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
So… if we educate ourselves on these topics - we can be a driving force in teaching our friends the wisdom of the culture of life. I am not suggesting we become a loud majority - just a faithful and loving majority. That's how hearts are changed. And then, as for the loud minorities… remember, it's also the loudest mosquito that gets squashed first.

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