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Catholic Focus — Catholic Educators: Celebrate Their Faith

November 9, 2007
p1040992.JPGI hope you had a chance to catch Wednesday's edition of Zoom, where we filmed on location at Ontario's Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board's Faith Day, held in Mississauga. Host Kris Dmytrenko and cameraman Wally Tello weren't the only Salt + Light staff on hand, in fact ten of us were there filming, tracking down interviews, capturing images, and showcasing our youth oriented programming like "In Your Faith" and Salt + Light Television's new production in association with DPCDSB, "Virtues," which is a series of short films aiming at student's character development from the Catholic faith perspective.
maryrose.JPGWhat is the purpose of Faith Day? You can tune into Salt + Light tonight, Friday November 9th at 7pm and 11pm ET, for a special Catholic Focus -- "Catholic Educators: Celebrating Their Faith." This episode captures Wednesday's Faith Day events, looks at questions such as the future challenges of Catholic education and the responsibilities of Catholic educators. We speak to DPCDSB Director of Education John Kostoff, keynote speaker Sister Miriam Martin, Archbishop Thomas Collins and Ukrainian Eparch Stephen Chmilar. We chat with DPCDSB's Religion and Family Life Consultant Wendy Bodsworth about "Virtues," also get reaction to the day from attendees.
audience.JPGMore than a year in planning, and over seven thousand people in attendance, Faith Day was a huge event offering the opportunity to reflect and celebrate Catholic education. Tune into Catholic Focus tonight and take the time to consider the importance of Ontario's Catholic educational system.

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