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Fr. Rosica's Media Lecture on S+L Radio

August 14, 2009
rosica-lectureAs you know we’ve been taking a break from S+L Radio and instead bringing you S+L Radio: The Summer Edition, including some of the best of our concerts, talks, catechesis sessions, reflections and interviews from our archives. Some of these have never been heard before, on radio or TV.
We’ve spent the last couple of weeks listening mostly to concerts and commemorating WYD. This week we change gears and return to the University of St. Thomas in Houston, for a lecture given by our very own Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB on the topic of the Church and the Secular Media.
I must say that I’ve learned a lot from Fr. Rosica, but this lecture in particular is one of my favourites. His stories about JPII and how he dealt with the media, Pontifex Mass-Mediaticus, stories from WYD have really been an inspiration for me.
Many people think that the secular media, in particular the secular news media is anti-Church and anti-religion. Fr. Rosica disagrees. We are called to work with the media. We need them to tell our stories and they need us.
Tune in to this week’s Summer Edition of S+L Radio for this special lecture. It airs on the Catholic Channel, 159 on Sirius Satellite Radio and 117 on XM Radio, Saturday at 10pm (7PT) and on the internet at www.saltandlighttv.org/radio.

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