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Bernie Sanders is heading to the Vatican, what would he say to Pope Francis?

April 14, 2016
(S+L's Sebastian Gomes interviewed Senator Bernie Sanders during Pope Francis' trip to the United States last fall.  See more interviews here.)
Widespread speculation about a possible meeting between Pope Francis and American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the Vatican on Friday is flooding the internet.  While no official meeting is planned, that's never restricted Francis from moving where the Spirit leads him.  Just this morning at Mass, Francis warned Christians not to, "resist the movement of the Holy Spirit," in so-called, "fidelity to the law."  The proven spontaneity of Pope Francis is enough reason to speculate about what an encounter between these two mavericks might look like.  Certainly there will be a "cordial" greeting and embrace (as the Vatican often describes such meetings between the Pope and politicians).  The photos will go viral in minutes.  But what would they say to each other?  Luckily, S+L's Sebastian Gomes posed that question to Senator Sanders in an interview last fall (see interview above, 03:57).  "I would simply thank him," says Sanders, for "reminding us that life simply cannot be about the accumulation of more and more money, and turning our backs on the children and the elderly and the poor."  If they meet, and the Senator does say that, the cordial greeting might quickly turn into a cordial invitation to lunch in the bustling cafeteria at Santa Marta.
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