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Woman and the Church: new episode of Subject Matters tackles the perennial question

June 16, 2016
Subject Matters: “Promise and Challenge: Catholic Women Reflect on Feminism, Complementarity, and the Church”
Mary Hasson, editor
Sunday, June 19 at 8:30pmET / 5:30pm PT
This Sunday’s all-new episode of Subject Matters features Mary Hasson of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.  She's the editor of this compilation of essays responding to Pope Francis's call for a more "incisive presence of women" in the Church today.  Grounded in the Church's clear teaching on feminism and complementarity--espoused by Pope John Paul II in particular--these women offer practical and theological considerations with the clear goal of taking another step forward.  Ahead of Sunday’s premiere, check out “My Take” on this timely and provocative book and tune in Sunday night!
"Progress regarding women’s presence in the Church should be measured less by the numbers of women appointed to significant positions within the Church’s structure (although that is surely important) and more by the transformative impact of an integral complementarity put into practice more broadly, in parish ministries, education, social work, business, and health care.
Promise and Challenge, p.261

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