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Perspectives Daily - Fr. Federico Lombardi Receives France's Highest Order

February 27, 2017
Every Sunday and on the main liturgical feasts, the Pope recites the Angelus prayer with the pilgrims. Before and after the prayer, he delivers a brief reflection and issues greetings.
And during his Angelus address yesterday, Pope Francis took his cue from the Gospel reading of the day in which Jesus calls us not to worry about tomorrow, recalling that above all there is a loving Father who never forgets his children. Drawing from this passage the Pope reminded the pilgrims and tourists to trust in God who takes care of the living beings of creation.
Any you can read the the Pope’s entire address at Vatican Radio on the website listed here.
Now according to Top Vatican Legal expert Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, Pope Francis through, Amoris Letitia, has made it possible for Catholics in non-legitimate unions, including civil remarriage after divorce, to receive the Eucharist under certain conditions.
Cardinal Coccopalmerio, who heads a Vatican office for the interpretation of Church law, says that as far as he's concerned, AND under specific circumstances, remarried people can be admitted to the sacraments of reconciliation and the Eucharist when they have a sincere desire to change their marital situation but cannot without causing harm, particularly to their children
The cardinal, a canon lawyer and moral theologian, also suggested that access to Communion for divorced and remarried people can be determined in most cases, by their parish priest, who know the people directly involved and can give an adequate judgment in these delicate situations.
The Cardinal made his affirmation in a new booklet put out by the Vatican's publishing house Feb. 14, in which he examined the Pope's teaching in chapter 8 of Amoris Laetitia , which deals with how the church should treat couples that live in so-called "irregular situations," such as those who have been civilly remarried without obtaining annulments of their first marriages.  
The book entitled, “The Eighth Chapter of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation ‘Amoris Laetitia”, is currently in Italian only but an English translation is forthcoming and can be purchased at the Vatican publishing house website listed below
In other news today, the former Director of Vatican Radio and retired Director of the Holy See Press office, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, received last week France’s highest order.  The order of the Legion of Honour.
This award is the highest French order for military and civil merits, established 1802 by Napoléon Bonaparte. Fr. Lombardi was granted this honour in recognition of a career devoted to communicating the message of the Holy See but also for his attention to the French language especially through the airwaves of Vatican Radio.
Fr. Lombardi has been a personal friend to all of us here at Salt and Light and a great supporter of our work from the very beginning. So we’d like to personally congratulate him on this great honour and for his years of faithful service to the Church
And finally, earlier today, in Calgary, Bishop McGrattan was officially introduced to the secular press at a press conference where he met, greeted and took questions.
Bishop McGrattan will tonight be installed as the 8th bishop of Calgary and succeeds Bishop Fred Henry who served the the people of Calgary for the past 19 years.
You can watch the Installation ceremony right here on S+L TV with our live broadcast and commentary  from St.Mary’s Cathedral starting at 9:30pm Eastern right here on our television network and livestream from our website listed below
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