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Perspectives Daily - What Will The Pope And US President Talk About?

May 8, 2017
So after many months of speculation, it turns out that, Pope Francis and US President Donald Trump, will actually meet face to face. The meeting will take place on Wednesday May 24th at the Apostolic Palace when the US President will be in Italy for the G-7 Summit. Now the question on people’s minds is, will they get along and what will they talk about?
Louis Bono, the Chargé d'Affaires at the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See, spoke to CNS about how and where the Pope and the President might work together.
The 10th annual Alberta March for Life is this Thursday and 2 our viewers in Alberta, this would be a great event for you to come out and support. The Rally and March will take place on Thursday May 11th in Edmonton starting at 12 noon. The gathering will begin at Churchill Square then it’ll move to the Alberta Legislature. Now, there are many events, in the days leading up to the big March, so be sure to check out their website at: AlbertaMarchForLife.com for details
And on the same note, the March for Life Rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa is on the same day May 11th. This year’s theme for the Rally is: “Life, We Stand On Guard for Thee”. If you’d like to attend or just want details on the days event, you can visit their website at marchforlife.ca. Now, we will have a Salt and Light crew on the ground to cover the event, so stay tuned.
The winds of change are blowing through the Vatican, specifically to address the new challenges in the field of communications.
The Pope said that the Vatican needs smart, courageous teamwork, not nostalgia for a glorious past. Speaking at a plenary assembly for the Secretariat for Communication, the Pope said that reform, must be done not only with, "intelligence and meekness, but also, with a bit of 'violence,' but a kind of, good violence, in order to reform things"
The Pope had created the secretariat to coordinate the work that had been done individually by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, including: Vatican press office, Vatican Radio, Vatican television and many others.
With the many communications and media operations, a coordination was needed to unify them for a more "coherent" effort in evangelization and so as to better to respond to the growth of digital media in social communications.
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And that's it for Perspectives today, I'm Noel Ocol. Join us again tomorrow when we bring you more news and stories through the Perspectives of a catholic lens.

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