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Prime Minister Trudeau Invites Pope Francis to Visit Canada - Perspectives Daily

May 29, 2017
Much has happened over the weekend but let’s first begin in Rome where the Pope met today with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during the Prime Minister's trip to Italy to attend the G7 Summit
The Prime minister told media that he asked the Pope to help Canadians "move forward on a real reconciliation" with the country's indigenous people "by issuing an apology" on behalf of the Catholic Church for its role in harming their communities.
The Pope told Trudeau that, “that his entire life has been dedicated to supporting marginalized people in the world, fighting for them, and added the he looked forward to working with me and with the Canadian bishops to figure out a path forward together."
Trudeau told reporters he invited the pope to go to Canada "in the coming years," but added no further details about such a trip. 
Some of the bishops said they were told Pope Francis would consider a trip in 2018 or 2019. A final decision would require input from the whole Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in dialogue with the Vatican.
As I mentioned last week, S+L The Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation officially   inaugurated the new Salt and Light TV broadcast centre last Thursday with a gala event that included many TV news personalities, Church officials and friends and families of Salt and Light.
Canadian TV host Valerie Pringle emceed the night, and news personalities including as Rosa Flores from CNN, had a chance to say a few words. Even Scott Pelley from CBS New had a chance to chime in and greet the crowd.
Have a look at how the evening went.
The guest speaker for the evening was the former Director of the Holy See Press Office, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi who delivered a touching heart-felt reflection and shared his personal reflections on having served as the head of Vatican communications under the past three Popes.
It was a wonderful night and we thank all who attended, especially all those who made the event possible. For more pictures, video and the speeches from that evening you can visit our website listed below.
Now finally, if you're in the Toronto area tomorrow night, you might want to attend a guest lecture with Fr. Gonzalo Ituarte at the Mary Ward Centre.
Fr. Gonzalo is a Dominican priest, that worked closely with the late Bishop Samuel Ruiz, in the region of Chiapas, Mexico. Fr. Gonzalo was Vicar General for Peace and Justice and co-founder of the diocesan human rights centre.
Bishop Ruiz and Fr. Gonzalo have been long-time partners with Development and Peace here in Canada, and he’ll speak about the legacy of Bishop Ruiz, his efforts to mediate the conflict between the Mexican government and the Zapatista movement in the 90s, and also on how he inculturated the Church's teachings in the native communities in the Chiapas.
The event is free, and open to the public. It’ll be held at the Mary Ward Centre at 70 St. Mary Street, Toronto from 7-9pm tomorrow. For more details on the event, you can visit the website listed below.
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