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Pope Issues Ultimatum to Religious Group Offering Euthanasia - Perspectives Daily

August 10, 2017
What is it like to be the National Spiritual Advisor to 83 thousand women in Canada? That's approximately the number of women who are a part of the Catholic Women's League around the country today! Bishop William McGrattan, of Calgary, is the spiritual advisor for the Catholic Women's League and he answered that question this week when he met our S+L on the ground in Charlottetown PEI.
That completes our coverage of the CWL's 97th National Convention. But, you can visit our blog listed below for more, including interviews with participants and other featurettes by Emilie Callan.
In other world news, the Pope has issued another ultimatum to the board of a religious order, who will face sanctions if they do not comply.
The Pope has given the board of the:"Brothers of Charity Group", of Belgium, until the end of August to stop offering euthanasia at its facilities.
Earlier this year, The Brothers of Charity Group publicly stated that it would allow doctors to perform euthanasia in any of its 15 medical centers.
Brother Rene Stockman, the superior-general of the order, was upset about this decision and distanced himself from the group's board which is made up primarily of lay-members. "We cannot accept that euthanasia is done within the walls of our institutions," he said. Brother Rene told media that he'd raise the matter with Catholic authorities in Rome which in turn prompted the Pope’s recent response.
The Brothers who serve on the board of the Group must also each sign a letter to their superior general declaring that they “fully support the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Those who refusing to sign will face sanctions under canon law and the group can expect to face legal action and even expulsion from the church if it fails to change its euthanasia policy. I will bring you more on this developing story as it unfolds.
Catholic Relief Services, has just released an emotion-filled video as a way, of starting a conversation about the world's orphanages. Have a look.
Finally tonight, just a reminder for those of you out west, the One Rock festival talks place this weekend outside of Calgary. One Rock is the largest catholic festival for youth and young families in Canada. And for more information on this event, go to their official website at onerock.ca
That's all that we have time for today. Join us again on Monday, when we bring you more news and stories from the Perspectives of a Catholic lens.

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