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A Look Back At The Pope's 22nd Apostolic Visit to Chile And Peru - Perspectives Extra

February 3, 2018
We bring to you today a special extended edition of Perspectives Daily where we look back at the Popes 22nd Apostolic visit to the countries of Chile and Peru. We’ll look at some of the major events, the key messages from the Pope, and some of the challenges that he faced on a voyage that was to bring the message of Hope and of Reconciliation to the people of those nations.
Later in the program, we’ll talk to Fr.Thomas Rosica CSB, about the circumstances surrounding the controversial comment the Pope made about Bishop Barros, that made headlines throughout the world. We’ll also talk to journalist and papal biographer, Austen Ivereigh about what he believes to be the most under reported but significant part of the Pope’s trip missed by western media.
All that coming up next, as we review the special and heartfelt moments of the Pope’s 22nd Apostolic journey. So stay tuned for this edition of Perspectives Extra.
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