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Details Behind The Romero Miracle Have Begun to Surface - Perspectives Daily

March 14, 2018
We begin today with a quick summary of the Pope’s message to the pilgrims who gathered today at St. Peter’s square to join him at his weekly general audience. Today, the Pope focused his catechesis on the prayer the "Our Father", saying that
it’s not just any Christian prayer, but is the prayer of God's children, the very same that Jesus himself used to God.
Today also marks the 10th year death anniversary of Focolare Movement founder, Chiara Lubich who passed away at the Focolare headquarters in Rome, this day in 2008, following a long illness.
Chiara Lubich, an Italian Catholic laywoman founded the movement at age 23, in what started out as a social experiment among friends in 1943 war-torn Italian city of Trent. Since then, the Focolare or “Family Fireside” movement, has inspired millions worldwide towards spiritual and social renewal. Today, the Focolare movement is present in 194 countries, with over a million followers including a blessed amongst its ranks. The movement is an international community of men and women who promote unity and universal brotherhood.
And speaking on the occasion of Founder Chiara Lubich’s 10th death anniversary, Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin recalled Lubich and her movement’s obedience and docility to the Church, even in very difficult times.
With the announcement last week of Blessed Oscar Romero’s canonization, the details around the official miracle that advanced the process is now starting to surface.
And while church authorities in El Salvador said they would wait to give details of the Vatican-approved miracle, a Salvadoran newspaper recently published an account of a 35-year-old woman who said her husband's prayer, asking for the intercession of Blessed Romero saved her life. The newspaper, El Diario de Hoy, said a woman named Cecilia was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition after giving birth in August 2015, and was told by doctors,  "if you believe in something, in a god, pray for her because the way she is, it's likely that she'll die". Her husband went home to pray, opened a Bible his grandmother had given him, saw a card with Blessed Romero's image in it, and even though he'd had a dislike to his grandmother's prayers to the slain archbishop, he nevertheless prayed for his intercession, the story said. Though Cecilia had slipped into a coma, shortly after she awoke Sept. 10 and made a full and unexplainable recovery, the newspaper said.
On March 7th, the Vatican announced that the decree approving that a miracle attributed to Blessed Romero's intercession had been approved but the date is yet to be set.
And finally tonight, I leave you with this. Yesterday, on the 5th anniversary of the Pope’s election, Oscar-nominated German filmmaker Wim Wender, released the trailer of his new film where PopeFrancis is the main character. In the new film, Pope Francis - A Man of His Word, the Pope for the first time, speaks about his pontificate in a personal conversation between himself and the viewer. Have a look.
The film, Pope Francis - A Man of His Word will be out in theaters on May 18th, so be sure to check your local listing for details and times.
And that is all for today. Join us again tomorrow, when I bring you more news and stories from the Perspective of a Catholic Lens.
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