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St. Mark's College at UBC: Spring and Summer 2018 Events Announced!

April 25, 2018
Save the Dates: Spring and Summer 2018
Carr Lecture 2018
"Preaching and Communicating in a Franciscan Era: What is the Church learning from an Argentine, Jesuit Pope?"
When: Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 7:00 pm
Where: St. Mark’s College,
5935 Iona Drive, Vancouver (UBC)
Cost: Free (registration recommended)
Featured Speaker: Father Thomas Rosica, CSB, Scripture Scholar, Executive Producer and Church Spokesperson
Many of the questions or statements of Pope Francis these past five years have often made us feel uneasy. That is the role of prophets. The Pope’s blunt assessment of the epidemic of fake news reveals an elderly pastor and world leader who is sophisticated, astute, wise and bold in naming evil for what it is.
The Pope's analysis also indicated how far the Church has come in her understanding of media and communications. He has argued that the most “radical antidote” to the scourge of fake news lies in “purification by the truth.”
Fr. Rosica is the founding CEO of the Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and Television Network in Canada and has served as English language assistant in the Holy See Press Office.
St. Mark's will be conferring an Honorary Doctorate on Fr. Rosica at Convocation 2018.
See Father Rosica's extended bio


For more information, please email communications@stmarkscollege.ca

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