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Introducing the official trailer for “The Francis Impact”

July 5, 2018
The Francis Impact trailer
I’m delighted to share with you the official trailer for The Francis Impact!
Over the past year I’ve been on a remarkable journey to explore and capture the pope’s impact on ordinary people. This film moves the spotlight away from Francis the man, and onto the people whose lives he’s touched in powerful ways. Our crew has been to various parts of the United States, the Italian island of Lampedusa, the tiny country of El Salvador, and Quebec City. The stories touch on ecology, migration, social justice, interfaith dialogue, and pastoral reform…all key areas where the church must be active, according to Francis!
We are now in the editing phase of production, and I will share updates regularly as we approach our fall premiere. In particular, look out for our web series called, “TFI Moments,” a series of 1-2 minute testimonies from different people featured in our film (and others!), on Francis’ impact on them personally.
We’ll be releasing a new TFI Moment on our blog each week beginning  July 12th!
Thank you for all your support and prayers for this project of sharing the impact of the Holy Father! I invite you to contribute directly to the film here.

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