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Synod 2018: Reports from the Small Language Groups

October 9, 2018
Courtesy of Vatican Media
The Synod of Bishops follows a three-week "see, judge, act" model. Week one is in the books, following interventions and discussions on Part I of the Instrumentum Laboris: "Recognizing: The Church Listens to Reality".
The day-to-day meetings during a synod function between General Congregations (the meetings in the synod hall with all participants and delegates) and the "Circoli Minori" (small language groups discussing the interventions during the General Congregations, commenting on the working document - Instrumentum Laboris, and offering suggestions - "modi" - for the final text.)
The 5th "General Congregation" took place on Tuesday, October 9. During the meeting, reports on the first week's discussions were presented by the fourteen small language groups. Four of these groups are facilitated in English. Of the other ten groups, three are facilitated in French, one in German, two in Spanish, three in Italian, and one in Portuguese.
The reports are a great way to gauge the progress of the Synod as a whole, as they reveal the broad scope of opinions coming from the lived experience of Catholics across the globe. They also demonstrate in a very real way the necessary dialogue that takes place within the Church.
In order to read these reports, visit the official Vatican website for the Synod, where they are presented in their original languages (with the English groups first): http://www.synod2018.va/content/synod2018/it/attualita/relazioni-dei-circoli-minori-sulla-prima-parte-dellinstrumentum-.html
Did you miss last week's episode of Perspectives on the Synod with Deacon Pedro, Sebastian Gomes, and Fr. Matt Gworek? Click here to watch it now.
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