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Mothering Full of Grace Goes Hi-Tech

April 29, 2008
molyneuxs.jpgWhere are you when it comes to technology? Up-to-the-minute? Lost? Navigating somewhere in between? More importantly… where are your kids when it comes to technology?
Today on Mothering, Full of Grace we talk to moms about the good and bad of technology, the advantages and dangers it presents our children, and how moms can stay on top of things. We’ll also visit the busy household of Kathie and Bob Borys to find out what they are doing to keep their teenagers (and fellow parents) informed and safe. And Cary and Sandy Molyneux talk about decisions they can make as their young children grow up in an age of technology.
Get out your laptops… you may want to take notes as we take on technology on Mothering, Full of Grace, Wednesday April 30th, at 8pm and 11pm ET with an encore presentation Sunday, May 4th at the same times.
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