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Professional Media Services

Salt + Light is regularly called upon by partner organizations to provide quality media production services, from concept to airtime and everything in between.

Salt + Light is equipped with talented in-house production and post-production teams blessed with the professional and courteous staff to take your concept from script to shooting, from editing to your website committed to using media to share stories – your story capable of distributing your message.

Do you wish to share a particular message or launch a campaign using video such as commercial, promotional video, or short?
Call on us to discover how we can bring your vision to life.  

Salt + Light specializes in:
1. Video production 3. Shooting 5. DVD packaging
2. Script writing 4. Editing 6. Production and marketing

We have helped religious orders seeking vocations; International organizations promoting their ministry; Local councils seeking publicity for fundraisers; Parishes seeking growth or development; Social justice groups spread their message; Catholic universities seeking qualified students.

View a sampling of our Video Production Services

Dignity Memorial Catholic Cemeteries Spiritours Lift Jesus Higher Rally Bayard

DVD Packaging
Men of Faith DVD Men of Faith DVD A People of Life DVD A People of Life DVD Cemeteries DVD Cemeteries DVD

If you’re looking to get your story out through broadcast or video, please call us for a quote:

Gita Hosek
Director, Programming and Production
Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation
Registration No. #88523 6000 RR0001

114 Richmond Street East
Toronto ON M5C 1P1
tel: 1.888.302.7181
tel: 416.971.5353 ext. 253
fax: 416.971.6733
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