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New prolife curriculum hits classrooms; and other favourite interviews

This week on a special edition of the SLHour Camille Pauley of Healing the Culture introduces us to a new pro-life curriculum and Chesterton expert Dale Ahlquist tells us why GK Chesterton is the perfect thinker. Singer/Songwriter Renee Bondi has a new book, Still I Will Praise and we listen to music from Sal Solo‘s We Cry Justice.

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SLRadio’s music video of the week: Nick Cannon’s Can I Live?

In this Respect for Life Month, Nick Cannon’s powerful music video.
Nick Cannon featuring Anthony Hamilton
Director: Nick Cannon
Director of Photography: Joseph Labisi

SL Hour: June 3, 2012

How would you define a person? This week, Natalie Hudson-Sonnen of Life Canada explains what the new personhood bill would mean for Canadians. Mark Matthews tells us what good in Hollywood and we meet singer/songwriter Tom Booth.

August 27, 2011

In this week’s Summer Edition of SLRadio we listen to a rebroadcast of a conversation with Julie Abernethy, ProLife street counsellor for Aid to Women in Toronto and Toronto’s Archbishop Thomas Collins shares his passion about Lectio Divina. Our featured music is from the internationally-acclaimed Britishgroup Libera and from Canadian singer/songwriter Chris Bray.

August 13, 2011

SLRadio: The Summer Edition brings us this week a rebroadcast of a featured chat with John Michael Talbot. Also, a conversation with Kimberly Guidry Speirs of Heroic Media and Bishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Alexandria-Cornwall tells us about two new Vatican documents. We also listen to music from and speak with singer/songwriter Angelica.

August 7, 2010

This week we rebroadcast a conversation we had with prolife advocate, Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape and our featured artist is Fr. Stan Fortuna. We feature several of Fr. Stan’s songs dedicated to John Paul II, whom he refers to as his “hero.”