Francis Impact in the Media

Francis Impact in the Media 2017-11-15T09:41:34+00:00

News and stories of TFI can be found across the media world, from both secular and religious outlets. Here is a selection of those stories which capture the remarkably diverse and positive impacts the Pope is having on individuals and groups.


Vatican Global Forum

Pope replies to letter from juvenile gang member jailed in Los Angeles

How Pope Francis brought me back to the Catholic Church

The Age of Catholic Anger Global discontent and the Church in the era of Pope Francis.

The Francis Effect: How Pope Francis Changed the Conversation About Global Warming

How Pope Francis is changing the Catholic Church

Josh Freed: How the Pope changed my mind about panhandling

How Pope Francis Inspired These CEOs

How Pope Francis Changed My Perception Of Faith


Pope Francis, the death penalty, and the development of doctrine
– Sebastian Gomes


– Matteo Ciofi