BLOG: Canada
One could hardly have predicted that the replacement of the long-form census with a voluntary survey would have erupted into an ongoing debate. Most Canadians, I imagine, find census methodology a little pedantic, or welcome having one less piece of paperwork that they must fill out. The controversy has drawn attention to the function of more
I have recently experienced the awakening of my Canadian identity. And the timing couldn’t be better. Happy 143rd Birthday, Canada! I’d like to point out here that the number 143 is traditionally associated with the words I=1 LOVE=4 YOU=3; this brings me right back to junior high. But I couldn’t help myself. Numbers speak. But more
It’s been just about a week since the Olympics have wrapped up, leaving many of us wondering: have the Olympics changed Canada for the better? This past Monday morning—the morning after Sidney Crosby’s historic goal and the resulting goal medal win in men’s hockey—S+L took to the streets to hear what Canadians had to say. more
The Catholic Church in Canada will have another saint to call its own come this fall. There was no doubting the holiness of Blessed André Bessette, CSC, but come Sunday, October 17th, the Miracle Man of Montreal will be officially recognized as a Saint by the universal Church. The date was announced in Rome today more
Obtenir le lecteur Flash pour voir cette vidéo. This Tuesday and Wednesday, Salt + Light Television brings you Canada’s first-ever live webcasts of episcopal ordinations. (Correction: This is an English-language first in Canada–our friends at streamed the ordination of Quebec City Auxiliary Bishops Paul Lortie and Gérald Cyprien Lacroix in May.) We begin at more