BLOG: Matteo Ciofi
“I ragazzi europei escano per strada e vadano ad ascoltare musica e a ballare, stasera, nelle nostre belle città autunnali. È il modo migliore di rendere omaggio a chi venerdì sera è entrato al Bataclan, e non è più uscito”. Mi sento di condividere appieno queste frasi finali con cui Beppe Severgnini ha chiuso il more
The name Medjugorje once again returned to the surface, not surprisingly days after Pope Francis’ visit to Sarajevo which is only 160 km from the sanctuary. On his flight back to Ciampino, as usual, the Holy Father did not recoil from reporters’ questions and the issue of Medjugorje came up in a timely fashion. The more
I am particularly curious about Pope Francis’ next trip to Sarajevo, which he will embark on in a few hours. I’m interested in the arrival of the pontiff to a place that is so different and seeped in history and drama, a city stained with pain. It caused the Balkan war in the 90’s. Just more