The Catholic Women’s League (CWL) has is determined to push for the criminalization of  purchasing sexual services, and for employment insurance benefits for adoptive mothers. The group made the announcement at the end of their annual convention August 17. The announcement might come as a surprise to many Canadian Catholics. The CWL is most often more
At the Catholic Women’s League annual convention, three long time members sit behind their Centennial Display, a collection of CWL memorabilia spanning the organization’s one hundred years of existence. From left to right: Rose Marie McCarthy (member for 50 years) Mary Ann Warren (member for 53 years) and Natalie Carley (member for 62 years). The more
In the latest encounter of Nothing More Beautiful, Hamilton, Ontario’s Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI, offers the catechesis talk.  He shares a story from a retreat he was directing for students and professors at a university in Eastern Canada.  The story begins: At noon we celebrated Mass in the boardroom. The room was packed, people standing more