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S+L BLOG: Malta

This evening in Malta, a well-rested Pope Benedict XVI was greeted World Youth Day-style in Rabat, Malta by thousands of cheering faithful, the majority of whom were young people. “In our hearts we already know who you are: you are our Head Shepherd representing the Lord Jesus Christ in our midst”, said Archbishop Paul Cremona, ...read more
The Holy Father received the warmest of welcomes from Maltese dignitaries upon disembarking the Alitalia flight this evening in Malta. Despite concerns that the flight would not take place due to residual hovering ash clouds from Iceland’s volcano eruption this past Thursday, The Holy Father’s plane landed right on schedule with dozens of journalists, Vatican ...read more
Pope Benedict XVI embarks on his first of five Apostolic Voyages for 2010 this weekend. Before he heads to Portugal, Cyprus, Britain, and Spain, he starts it all off with Malta. The visit will celebrate the 1,950th anniversary of St. Paul’s shipwreck on the island that, according to tradition, occurred in the year 60 A.D., ...read more