BLOG: Scripture
How well do you know the Letter of James? Deacon Pedro leads us through the main themes of this epistle, which we begin reading this week at daily Mass. more
One day a couple with a strong biblical background were chatting about who should brew the coffee in the morning. more
Read what Sebastian Gomes has to say about Jeff Sessions, fundamentalism, and why Catholics today have a responsibility to be biblically literate. more
St. Anthony of Padua was known for many things, including his preaching. Here are 10 inspiring quotes from St. Anthony to celebrate his feast day. more
Read this reflection on the role of St. Joseph. Nowhere in the Gospels do we ever hear anything Joseph says... but he is a man of action. more
In this video Fr. Rob Galea discusses what it means to have a relationship with God. 1. Understand that God desires this Relationship 2. Make a daily commitment to speak and listen to God 3. Dig deep into God’s Word – the Bible 4. Turn to God in the Sacraments Follow Fr. Rob Galea! more